one of the nation’s top cyber security experts, advising 

President Obama, the CIA, 

Bill Gates, McAfee & 

Lockheed Martin

Dr. Eric Cole, PhD., Cyber Security Expert

Security Consulting

Help build systems that are sound & well protected. Correct existing systems. Create policy for best practices.

Expert Witness

Turn to an expert who has worked with hundreds of companies on security cases resulting in large judgments

Keynote Speaker

We give keynote addresses to corporations and        groups to inform them of the dangers on the      Internet

Executive Awareness & Education

Educate individuals, groups, managers, IT teams, corporate executives and business owners about potential threats 

Cyber Security     Bodyguard

Cyber Bodyguard for high profile individuals. They are targeted more specifically & have higher risk and  impact.


Train the elite in cyber security to establish the special forces team that we need to ensure we get the job done.

Parents & Families

Provide needed information and resources for the public to help protect themselves & their families 

Online Training

On demand course instruction that teaches you about potential threats, how to protect yourself, your family & your business

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