Dr. Cole’s Native Advantage

Learn more about what makes Dr. Eric Cole tick — get an inside look at his passions, aspirations, and challenges — in his own words.

Yahoo Hacker Sentenced;

Threat Post spoke with Dr. Eric Cole, cyber security expert and CEO of cyber security consulting firm Secure Anchor Consulting, about the yahoo hacker.

Information Security Solutions Review Mag: Dr. Eric Cole Discusses
U.S. News: 10 Ways You're Opening Yourself Up For Fraud

US News spoke with Dr. Eric Cole, cyber security expert & CEO of cyber security consulting firm Secure Anchor Consulting, about 10 ways you’re opening yourself up for fraud. 

Construction Executive Mag

Dr. Cole writes  for Construction Executive magazine that maintaining a successful security strategy requires dedication and delivering on a strategy that supports all functions of an organization.

TechRepublic Security KPI

Making security a KPI for managers as well as rank-and-file employees will improve your company’s cyber security, Dr. Eric Cole tells TechRepublic

TechRepublic Employee Safety

From social media to online banking to email, Secure Anchor CEO Eric Cole explains how employee web activity can compromise your company’s network.

Three Things You Must Do To Secure Your Small Business

2018 is sure to bring many cyber security perils. PC Magazine spoke with Dr. Cole about a number of steps you can take to keep your small business safe.

Richard Magazine

As scamming gets more sophisticated it may seem harder than ever to keep your info protected, but there are many steps you can take to keep yourself out of trouble.

Most Common Ways You Can Get Tricked Into Compromising Company Data

In the Harvard Business Review, Dr. Eric Cole discusses the concept of the “accidental insider” – someone who compromises their company through unintentional actions.


Dr. Eric Cole was interviewed by Maria LaMagna at MarketWatch about credit card safety and why you should have multiple cards.

Looking For Trouble

Stores Magazine spoke with Dr. Eric Cole, cyber security expert and CEO of cyber security consulting firm Secure Anchor Consulting, about what retailers are doing to protect their customers’ data and what consumers should do in return.

How To Keep Safe When Shopping Online

Obama’s Cyber Security Commissioner Offers Advice on How to Keep Safe When Shopping Online

It’s not impossible to get through the end of the year without becoming a victim, but your chances of doing so are much improved if you take the proper precautions. Digital Trends caught up with Dr. Eric Cole to get some insight on the best ways to stay safe and secure.


The Trick To Winning At Cyber Security

Dr. Eric Cole tells Forbes that since you can’t prevent every attack, expect to get hacked and be prepared with ways to minimize the damage.

Protect Your Pumping Company Against Internet Hacks

Dr. Eric Cole talks ransomware and email security, in this interview with Pumper.

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