Bullying is bad enough on it’s own, but add cyber to the mix and bullying gets taken to an entirely new level. When I was a kid, bullying and even fights would happen, but they’d end at the school. Now, thanks to cyberbullying, fights get to continue 24/7, and a lot of times, without any adult supervision. It, literally, never ends.

Kids usually don’t think about tomorrow’s consequences, so they don’t always seem to grasp that there’s no giant delete button on the World Wide Web (or electronic transmissions) once they’ve been sent. I’m thankful that all of my childhood mistakes haven’t prevented me from getting into college or being hired for my dream job. But kids, today, aren’t so lucky. Not to mention, cyberbullying is a leading contributor to the teen suicide rate. Let’s take a closer look at the huge problem that’s harming our kids and what you, as a parent, can do to help.

    1. Talk to your kids. Warn them about the dangers of cyberbullying, the same way you warned them about looking both ways before crossing the street. For example, a threatening text could lead to expulsion. And if they’re the one getting bullied, remind them that help is available.
    1. Periodically, check your child’s phone. You should, always, have access to your children’s devices. Hello – you pay the bill!
    1. Have your kids charge their phones at a central location. This, not only, gives you more access, but it also prevents them from being alone with their phones 24/7.
    1. Learn to enjoy a device-free-weekend. Just enjoy spending time together as a family without the distraction of constantly being notified that nothing important has happened. I’m telling you to learn how to enjoy being without your phone for an entire weekend because adults seem to have the hardest time adjusting!
  1. Accept reality. Whether giving or receiving, most likely, your child is involved in cyberbullying. Ignoring it won’t make it go away, so be proactive and stay connected with your kids and their devices.

Today’s technology has huge benefits when used correctly. But when it is not monitored and used correctly, the effects can be detrimental for your children. Parenting definitely isn’t easy. But following this list is a great way to help your kids win the war on cyberbullying. It may save your child’s future, or possibly their life.

To learn more about keeping your kids and yourself safe, check out my book, Online Danger.

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