Cyber 911 Events

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Who Is It For?

These two day training events are designed for cybersecurity leaders like you who want to gain additional skills. Both days are action packed and loaded with practical content that is taught by leading security consultants.

Anyone who works in security, is interested in security, or has to understand security should be at this event, including:

  • Security professionals who want to have an understanding of technical information security
  • ​Managers who want to understand information security
  • ​Professionals who do not have security as their primary job function but need an understanding of security
  • ​IT professionals and supervisors who need to know how to defend networks against attacks
  • ​AdminTechnicians responsible for maintaining systems against attackers
  • ​Security professionals who have a foundation of security best practices such as; Forensic analysts, penetration testers, and auditors
  • ​Anyone new to information security

What Will You Learn?

We cover a variety of relevant topics using the methods of traditional teaching, case studies, and Q&As. Our training is divided into 2 different days. Day 1 we discuss how to identify the root problem. Day 2 we discuss how to create effective solutions.

Identifying the Root Problem

  • You can’t fight what you can’t see – get a clear overview of the current threats that are on the horizon and how they are targeting organizations just like yours.
  • ​Dive into a comprehensive understanding of EXACTLY how these attacks work and why we are seeing breaches on the news that SHOULD have been extinguished.
  • Discover and identify your exposures through performing strategic threat modeling to ensure the continued wall of stealth security over your organization.
  • Gain foresight into the evolving threats and build a detection fortress around future attacks
  • Develop a clear risk assessment to understand how your organization is targeted and how to minimize the threat
  • Real world targeting and how to identify people of high risk within your organization

Creating Effective Solutions

  • Apply a proper cybersecurity framework – the strength of your foundation will determine the ability for your organization to withstand an attack
  • Detection is the first step in successful prevention – successfully build your alarms so that you take notice early to potential threats
  • A fail-proof readiness assessment that will ensure the effectiveness of your current cybersecurity solutions
  • Stay ahead of the threat through proactive detection and monitoring
  • Vitality of the plan is incident response and real time initiatives to threats
  • Benefit from understanding how to balance tactical and strategic security plans
  • Budget building solutions – get the executives to ‘buy in’ to ensure you have the budget you need for security initiatives
  • KPI and Dashboard metrics – the inside scoop to successfully monitoring your organizations security

Upcoming Cyber 911 Events

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Meet Your Trainer

Dr. Eric Cole

Dr. Cole is a world-renowned cybersecurity expert that has over 30 year’s experience designing, building and implementing effective solutions that work and scale across an organization. When Bill Gates and President Obama needed a top cybersecurity expert, Dr. Cole was the person who received the call.

Dr. Cole has written several of the top-selling cybersecurity courses and trained many of the industry professionals. Learn directly from one of the top cybersecurity defenders on sought after industry expert.

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