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  Sample Speaking Topics 
  • Cyber Security: How to Survive
  • Painkiller Security: How to Prevent Being Compromised
  • You Can’t Stop Stupid: Making your Workforce Part of the Solution
  • How to use Technology to your Advantage
  • What every CEO Needs to Know about Cyber Security
  • What every CIO Needs to Know about Emerging Technology
  • What every organization needs to know about cyber security, Being Safe in the Digital World, Defending A Compromised Network

Dr. Cole is a cyber security keynote speaker with a natural ability to captivate, educate and entertain audiences on topics related to technology and cyber security. Through the use of analogies and examples based on his extensive experience, he is able to bring topics to life. When people walk out of his presentations they are amazed at how much practical information they have learned and how many lessons they can apply directly when they go back to work.

For corporate events, conferences, off-sites, and retreats, Dr. Cole has a range of topics to meet the needs of a specific audience. He is passionate about giving solutions, not just talking about the problem. Dynamic, energetic and enlightening are a few of the terms people use to describe his presentations.

As a security consultant, Dr. Cole understands what works and what doesn’t. He has successfully secured organizations in a cost-effective manner and uses that experience as a security expert to deliver high value, meaningful presentations. In many cases, organizations think they are doing the right thing but are making common mistakes.

Dr. Cole is a cyber security keynote speaker who can demystify the problem and provide practical solutions to help organizations better utilize and embrace technology.

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“Dr. Cole has an amazing ability to explain complex terms in ways that attorneys, judges and juries can understand. Dr. Cole can communicate in a clear and articulate manner that makes it fun to learn about cyber security.”
-Insurance Group, LLC

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