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How U.S. Sanctions Increase Cyber Attacks

Dr. Eric Cole joins Jim Blasingame to report that when the U.S. government increases sanctions on countries like Russia, China, Iran, etc., cyber-attacks from those regions increase.

Why Doesn’t The U.S. Have The Will To Fight Cyber Crime?

 Dr. Eric Cole joins Jim Blasingame to report that the U.S. still isn’t fully engaged in the current world war of cyber-crime, as it’s being waged by our enemies, like China, Russia and Iran.

How To Behave Cyber-Safely On LinkedIn

Dr. Eric Cole joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how to practice good cyber-safety when managing relationships on social media sites like LinkedIn.

How Do I Protect My Devices

With so many connected devices, like toys, drones, home assistants and even baby monitors — how do you know your device is secure? Get tips from Dr. Cole and KGO’s Ronn Owens.

Protect Yourself On Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday and the holiday season in general are big business for cyber criminals. Learn how to protect yourself and keep your personal data safe.

Prevent And Prepare For The Inevitable

Dr. Eric Cole joins Joe Piscopo, on his morning show, to remind you of how you can’t stop the adversary from trying, but there are steps you can take to fight back.

Protecting Credit In The Age of Equifax

How can you guard against threats when the adversary has the upper hand? Dr. Eric Cole discusses options with Gail Fallen of KFKA.

When Toys Can Be Used To Hack

Dr. Cole and Dane Neal at WGN cover a host of topics including why North Korea’s cyber activities are so scary, and how consumers can protect their kids from cyber predators who use location services and toys.

What Happened At The NSA?

Dr. Eric Cole talks about the data breach at the NSA and how important hacking tools were stolen. What does this mean for us?

Best 3 Ways To Protect Your Data Online

 Listen in as Dr Eric Cole tells Think America’s Terri Gilberg the top 3 ways you can protect your data, online.

Was Equifax Negligent?

How can consumers protect themselves when data collected by a company doesn’t belong to them? Listen to the discussion with Gordon Deal on America’s First News.

Talking About Cyber Crime

Dr. Eric Cole and Newell Normand take an in-depth look at cyber crime on WWL New Orleans and how you can keep yourself safe.

Is Your Smart Phone Spying On You?

Host, Tom Becka, and Dr. Eric Cole take on a host of topics related to Internet safety in this interview on KCMO.

Is Your Smart Phone Spying On You

Dr. Eric Cole gives practical tips for safe smart phone habits in this interview with Aaron Jacobson of WFLA in Tampa.

Is Your Smart Phone Spying On You

Bill Edwards & Laura Anderson of News Radio WTKS speak with Dr. Eric Cole about smart phone safety and his book, Online Danger.

How Cyber Terrorism Is A Critical Threat

Dr. Cole explains how cyber-terrorism is a serious threat.  Host Scott Sloan on Internet Advisor.

The Current State of Cyber Defense

Dr. Cole participates in Risk Roundup to discuss the current state of cyber defense.

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