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Protecting Students' Digital Privacy

Dr. Eric Cole warns parents about how our kids are being monitored at school, & what we should do about it, on Fox & Friends.

Increasing Tensions With Iran

We are at war with Iran… that includes an attack on individual’s cyber security. Dr. Eric Cole is on OAN’s Daily Ledger to discuss how you can win the cyber war.

Avoiding Cyber Crime

Dr. Eric Cole visits Fox 5 DC to talk about avoiding cyber crime and how to not become a target. One tip: use your phone and not your Windows computer.

Dangers of Online Shopping

Dr. Eric Cole talks about what you can do to protect your identity this holiday season with Cheddar hosts, live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Teach Kids The Consequences of Social Media Mistakes

Social media and cyber bullying go hand in hand. Hear from Dr. Cole on KVVU in Las Vegas about how to keep kids from victimizing other or being victims, and how to protect them from social media mistakes that could have long-term consequences.

Tips and Tools To keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Dr. Eric Cole talks about how parents need to stay active and engaged on what their kids are doing online. Monitoring their activities is critical to their safety.

How Can You Be Cyber Savvy

Dr. Cole talks with The List about how you can be cyber savvy, especially during the busy holiday season.

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Dr. Eric Cole talks with consumer safety hosts Melanie Hastings and Dave Lucas of News 8 about keeping your credit card information safe this holiday shopping season.

Election System Threat Is Real

Dr. Eric Cole explains that any computer system can be breached, but the question is a are states defending their systems properly.

How To Avoid Cyber Security Theft

Dr. Eric Cole explains the importance of understanding your vulnerability, and how to shop smart online.

Shoppers Hacked

Dr. Eric Cole gives insight into why people’s credit card info gets stolen & sold, after shopping at some of the nation’s top retailers.

Day 2 of Facebook's Apology Tour

Dr. Eric Cole shares his insights on Mark Zuckerberg’s 2nd day of testimony, & how we, as users, can be more responsible with what information we put online.

How To Tell If Your Child Is Being Cyber bullied

Dr. Eric Cole speaks with the hosts on KTVU San Francisco about how to keep your children from being either a victim or perpetrator of cyber bullying. Know what your kids are doing on social media and monitor their phones!

WCBS Smart Hotels

Dr. Eric Cole tells CBS News Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg, about the pros and cons of hotels going smart.

Steps To Prevent Cyberbullying

Dr. Eric Cole talks about long-term consequences of social media mistakes on KVVU Las Vegas.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Sexting

Dr. Eric Cole talks about how to keep your kids safe online by helping them understand what is and what is not appropriate online behavior.

Children and Cyberbullying

Dr. Eric Cole talks to NBC Channel 4’s Doreen Gentzler about how many teens are being cyber-bullied, & what you, as a parent, can do to help.

Adopting A Cyber Safety Family Policy

Dr. Cole talks with Good Day DC about steps parents can take to implement a cyber safety family policy around the use of devices and etiquette on social media.

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