One of the problems with technology is that “functionality” always leads.

We all love functionality and advancements of technology, but some people fail to think about how everything that’s connected online can and will be hacked. If it’s a computer and it’s accessible from the internet, I can hack it. Since I’m a law abiding citizen, I won’t be hacking anyone’s system, but you should know that the potential for your data getting compromised is always there for the adversary.

On a plane to Miami, the t.v. wasn’t working, so I jokingly asked the flight attendant for permission to hack the system so that we could watch t.v. Three minutes later, the t.v. started working and the guy sitting next to me said, “Damn, you’re good!”

Of course, I’m joking in this case (I really didn’t hack the plane’s t.v.!), but I’m not joking at all when I say that there are, unfortunately, plenty of opportunities for hackers to do some serious damage online. It’s almost guaranteed that your (or your company’s) information has been / is  / will be compromised. It’s time to change your way of thinking!

Some people still think that they don’t need to change their passwords or protect their systems, because they simply believe that they are not a target.

They are looking at it all wrong.

The correct thought pattern is: “I’m already compromised and targeted, so now what do I do?”

That’s why I recommend that you change your passwords on a regular basis. That’s why I recommend that companies get assessments done and understand their visibility and exposure.

Having worked in security for 30 years, and having worked security for 100s of companies, I have learned that they are always surprised by the results. I’ve warned people that they had a server that has critical information exposed to the internet. Their response goes from, “That’s impossible!” to “How did that happen?!?” when I lay out the proof for them. People are just not aware of where their exposures are. This has happened numerous times and they are always surprised.

When it comes to cybersecurity, I hate surprises! So it’s best to just start off with the right mindset (YOU are a target!) and proceed from there with that understanding.

Secure Anchor’s greatest goal is to give you more visibility – to help you to see what you haven’t been seeing.

We help you find your greatest exposures, while becoming proactive, not reactive. We don’t want you to become headline news for a breach. We want you to be one of those companies that no one hears about in cyber news, because you understand security, you’re implementing the problem correctly, and you’re keeping the adversary out.

But in order to do that, you need third party expertise.

You need somebody who’s worked in this area for over 30 years that can see things that your staff can’t see.

This isn’t a slam on your staff. I’m sure they’re awesome (and that’s why you hired them)!

Unfortunately, if someone’s only worked at one company for 7 or 8 years, that’s all they know and understand, which makes it impossible for them to know and understand all of the other threats.

Our expertise is that we work with 100s of companies. Not only can we show you what they’re doing, but we also monitor the dark web, we understand how the adversary works, and we know their methods and means of attack.

We can share that with you, help you build out a roadmap, and stay one step ahead of the adversary.

So get the Dr. Cole advantage, by contacting Secure Anchor today, and let us help you make the world a safer place to live, work, and raise a family. Reach out to me, 24/7, at